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The first population group includes peripatetic musicians, peddlers, toolmakers, and operators of mobile entertainment units such as carousels.

They are usually based in a particular region and travel for their livelihood, but not at random.

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Besides the Sinti in Germany, there is also a population of Lovara, whose dialect belongs to the Northern Vlax branch of Romani dialects spoken in Transylvania.

Some Sinti populations migrated to former German territories in Pomerania and Silesia, and others joined ethnic German settlement areas in Bohemia, Russia, Vojvodina and South Tirol.

Some of the latter immigrated to Germany after World War II and tried to claim German citizenship based upon ethnic German identity.

This tradition was particularly vital during the 17th century, when Shivaji, the great Maratha king, led his armies against the might of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb. Realism was first brought to the stage in the 20th century by Mama Varerkar, who addressed many social issues.

The modern period in Marathi poetry began with Kesavasut and was influenced by 19th-century British Romanticism and liberalism, European nationalism, and the greatness of the history of Maharashtra.

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