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A jury found Evenstad guilty of raping an 18-year-old Richfield woman he met through a telephone dating chatline.Before he was released from prison in 2008, he was assessed to be a Level 1 offender, meaning he is least likely to re-offend. Evenstad, 52, not only has refused to comply with the city rule, he’s challenging it in U. He remains in the home because a judge granted his request for “emergency relief” from the restrictions. Paul City Attorney Kori Land declined to comment on the lawsuit, other than to say that she believes it is the first of its kind in Minnesota. Under an ordinance passed in December 2016, Evenstad and other convicted sex offenders are barred from living within 1,200 feet of schools, licensed child-care facilities or state-licensed group homes. He argues the ordinance is unconstitutional because it imposes retroactive punishment by banishing him from almost all of West St. Evenstad’s civil lawsuit seeks injunctive relief, which would stop the city from enforcing the ordinance.“It has become a snowball effect,” said Michele Murphy, program director for the risk assessment and community notification unit at the Department of Corrections.In 2017, 22 cities or counties in Minnesota passed sex-offender ordinances.

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The city cited Evenstad’s first-degree criminal sexual conduct conviction in 1999 as the reason he could not live in the home, a 1½-story duplex on a corner lot near Dodd Road.

Paul police investigator called the landlord and said Evenstad had to go.

In 2014, Evenstad was charged with stalking or threatening several people involved in his rape conviction, including the victim, the Hennepin County prosecutor and the judge. Then he was told the home is within 1,200 feet of both a daycare and a group home. Paul is among 84 cities, townships or counties in Minnesota with residency restrictions for sex offenders, according to the Department of Corrections. Paul’s is “extremely broad,” said Adele Nicholas, a Chicago civil rights attorney who agreed to take on Evenstad’s lawsuit.

He pleaded guilty in Ramsey County District Court to stalking charges in five cases, and was placed on probation for 20 years and ordered to remove websites he had created in his victims’ names. Whereas most local “predatory offender” ordinances ban Level 3 sex offenders from living within a certain distance of places where children congregate, West St. The city’s inclusion of group homes is also rare, she said. Paul is saying there are 38 (group homes) in the city limits and that no one can live within 1,200 of feet,” she said.

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