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Just make sure the person who gave it to you isn’t on the guest list.

How to organize: Since anything and everything is allowed, you want to keep the swap from looking like a junk sale.

This test is often done along with a differential (or diff) which looks at the numbers of the different types of white blood cells.

Or mix them up in sections, such as classics, cult favorites, new and notable, and mainstream hits.

Lay them flat if you’ve got the space or sideways in bins so the spines are readable.

What to consider: Nothing is better than a personal recommendation: Ask guests to write one-sentence summaries on sticky notes and attach them to the covers. Refresh your library by organizing a swap with another book club.

Certain signs and symptoms can suggest that a person might have acute lymphocytic leukemia, but tests are needed to confirm the diagnosis.

If you have signs and symptoms that suggest you might have leukemia, the doctor will want to get a thorough medical history, including how long you have had symptoms and if you have any history of exposure to risk factors.

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