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In 1960 Miriam Makeba recorded the song on her eponymous RCA album.Joan Baez recorded it in 1960 on her self-titled debut album; she frequently performed the song in concert throughout her career.It tells of a life gone wrong in New Orleans; many versions also urge a sibling to avoid the same fate.The most successful commercial version, recorded in 1964 by British rock group the Animals, was a number one hit on the UK Singles Chart and also in the United States and France.In his 1941 songbook Our Singing Country, Lomax credits the lyrics to Turner, In 1941, Woody Guthrie recorded a version.A recording made in 1947 by Libby Holman and Josh White (who is also credited with having written new words and music that have subsequently been popularized in the versions made by many other later artists) was released by Mercury Records in 1950.

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(Considering the 3.7 million scholarships we have, it was no easy task).On an expedition with his wife to eastern Kentucky, Lomax set up his recording equipment in Middlesboro, Kentucky, in the house of singer and activist Tilman Cadle.In 1937 he recorded a performance by Georgia Turner, the 16-year-old daughter of a local miner. Lomax later recorded a different version sung by Bert Martin and a third sung by Daw Henson, both eastern Kentucky singers.White learned the song from a "white hillbilly singer", who might have been Ashley, in North Carolina in 1923–1924.Lead Belly recorded two versions of the song, in February 1944 and in October 1948, called "In New Orleans" and "The House of the Rising Sun", respectively; the latter was recorded in sessions that were later used on the album Lead Belly's Last Sessions (1994, Smithsonian Folkways).

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