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Cary Goldstein, who taught one of her classes at Columbia, says her stories tended to focus on “that moment in a young woman’s life when she is wrestling with an emerging sexuality that’s scary and slightly dangerous, but also empowering.” 13.

As of last spring, Cline was living in an “almost assuredly illegal” shed in her friend’s Brooklyn backyard, which she’d jerry-rigged into something like an artist’s loft.

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it’s remarkable that the real heart of the writing is the friendship between two women.” A couple of underbidders also say that the manuscript needed “some work.” 12.

Goldstein developed a drug addiction as a teenager and was sent to the controversial rehabilitation center Straight, Incorporated.

A member of his entourage procured her address after claiming he “invented the Ramones.” Bingenheimer wrote her long letters covered in band stickers, and they occasionally talked on the phone about teen stuff. It contained a reference to Charles Manson but was set in the present. Last March, she won the journal’s Plimpton Prize honoring new fiction talent.

She marked the occasion by writing an essay for the Paris Review website, focusing on her weird interactions with Bingenheimer as well as a visit to the historical site of the Manson Family cult.

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